Programme Aspirant Moniteur (P.A.M.)

This leadership training program involves all the fun and activities that have been experienced through BCFFC and is offered exclusively at the Vancouver Island camp every second year. The P.A.M. program is being offered again in 2019.

Have you ever thought about how much fun being a counsellor at a summer camp would be? This program will give you the opportunity to still be a part of the French Camp experience while learning leadership counseling and recreational skills. These assets will assist you in future employment as well as with opportunities in your communities. Upon completion of the program, you will receive a certificate as well as school-required CAPP credits.

We are looking for students who:

  • have seven years of French Immersion schooling, are enrolled in Programme Cadre, or have a Francophone upbringing
  • have completed grade 10 or up before summer
  • can cope with the terrain and high-energy program of BCFFC
  • are highly motivated to learn, interact with others, and improve self

What are the benefits of completing the P.A.M.?

  • Upon completion and evaluation, you may apply to be a junior Moniteur the following summer.
  • Training and experience for future leadership.
  • Twenty-five volunteer (CAPP) hours signed for your school of choice.
  • Certificate of leadership and junior training.
  • Two t-shirts, program binder, practical experience, and the respect and awe of the younger campers.
  • Two weeks’ camp experience with activities that are geared towards fun as well as personal growth.

This program will encompass all the fun you are used to at BCFFC such as kayaking, hiking, bike riding, swimming, crafts and social interaction while developing positive self-identity and practical leadership skills.

The P.A.M. is a two-week inclusive program. In the first week, you will stay with your parent/guardian on their site. During the second week, you will be hosted as a guest on a BCFFC family’s campsite and will be required to pitch your own small tent on their site. One of our BCFFC moniteurs will oversee your training and wellbeing.

Enrolment in this program is limited to a maximum of 10 spots.