Soirée québécoise at BCFFC

One of the many highlights on the weekly BC Family French Camp schedule is la Soirée québécoise!

This takes place each Tuesday evening at all camps, followed by a sleep-out under the stars, weather-permitting! First, the moniteurs present a special skit celebrating the many facets of québecois culture, then everyone joins in a joyful dance, singing along to the “L’arbre est dans ses feuilles”. When darkness falls, several of the moniteurs deliver a breath-taking fire-juggling performance (fire-restrictions permitting!). Finally, the moniteurs sing the campers to sleep with several beautiful, gentle francophone songs (Jean Leloup’s “I Lost My Baby” and ‘‘Les Étoiles filantes” from Les Cowboys Fringants, to name two). The kids sleep under the stars under the careful supervision of several groups of parents. The following day, everyone enjoys a day off! Families chill out around the campground or visit local attractions.

BCFFC Sleep-out Lullabies

The songs change each summer depending on the camp and the moniteurs, but here are two popular selections!

Jean Leloup – I lost my baby

Cowboys Fringants – Les Étoiles filantes

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