Gwillim Lake Safety Policies and Procedures

Following are the BCFFC Gwillim Lake Safety Policies and Procedures. Please read them carefully with your children, and then post them in an accessible spot at your campsite. If we all try to follow these procedures and look out for one another, we will have as safe and happy a week as is possible. Thank you.

Please Note: The Gwillim Lake camp is a smoke free environment!

If you have an emergency of any kind (e.g., fire, wild animal sighting, missing child), contact the Camp Manager. The Camp Manager’s site is centrally located and it clearly marked on the site map, located on the Shower House wall. The Camp Manager wears an FRS radio, and the matching radio is left in clear view at his site. The Camp Manager regular checks the condition of the batteries. Press the “CALL” button to contact him. You must press the “TALK” button while you are speaking, and release it to hear his reply. If you cannot contact the Camp Manager, look for any of the local committee. Again, their sites are clearly marked on the site map. Make yourselves aware of these sites early in the week.


Each of the areas (Gwillim Heights, Moose Meadows, The Bluff, Main Firepit Area) have a large black rubber container of water for dousing fires, and gunny sacks. Be aware of the location of these items in your area. Always douse fires at night. Fires are only allowed in the firepits provided. Please stress to the children the danger to themselves and others that occurs if they play in the fire with sticks, horseplay near the fire, etc.

First Aid

Again, the first contact is the Camp Manager. He will assess the situation, and refer you to any medical personnel that may be on site. We have access to telephone for emergency only, and 9-1-1 is available to the site. All local committee members know how to access the phone, and once there, directions to site are clearly posted. Moniteurs have varying degrees of First Aid training, and are aware of our policy if an accident occurs during the program.

Emergency Bell

The emergency bell is located outside the Main Cabin (Moniteurs’ quarters). Moniteurs also use the bell to call us to program at 8:55 a.m. and 1:25 p.m. Occasionally, it will be rung during the day for special event games, and in the evening to call us to campfire. The difference is, that if you hear it being rang continuously and aggressively, it is an EMERGENCY bell, and there is a situation that the whole camp needs to be aware of. Procedure will be as follows:

  1. When you hear the EMERGENCY bell, go immediately (no sauntering allowed… hurry!) to the area in front of the Main Cabin. This is the same place where we gather each morning before program.
  2. If it is “out of program” time, gather into your family groups and make sure everyone is accounted for. If anyone is missing, let the Camp Manager know. If it is during “program” time, the Moniteurs are responsible for ensuring that they have their entire group there, and the kids will remain with them in that group. Adults stay in their family groups.
  3. Remain calm, and let the Camp Manager do a roll call, inform us about the emergency, and explain procedures he wishes us to follow.

Who is Allowed to Ring the Emergency Bell????

The Camp Manager or someone appointed by the Camp Manager is the only person allowed to ring the emergency bell. Remember, you have reported the emergency to the Camp Manager, and he will now deal with it.

We will run one emergency drill in the early part of the week.

Wild Animal Sightings

There are Emergency Airhorns situated around the site. They are attached to trees and clearly marked with orange surveyor tape. These are meant to be used by campers to scare the animal away, and to alert fellow campers to the danger present.

If you see a wild animal that could threaten the safety of the camp, report it immediately to the Camp Manager. Report any sightings while on hikes, on bike rides, or around the camp. Have your children pay close attention to the first morning skit, when the Moniteurs instruct us on Bear Awareness. Share the info in the brochure included in the Gwillim Reader with your family. We will run a Bear Aware session on Sunday for parents-watch Message Board for time.

Please remember that during program hours, BCFFC Committee and Moniteurs are responsible for the safety and happiness of your child. Out of program times (including lunch break, and evening gatherings), you are responsible. Thank you for reading this information about emergency situations, sharing it with your children, and posting it at your campsite for quick reference.