BCFFC & Peach Orchard Campground Rules

BCFFC is a family camp designed for the enjoyment of our children and families. Safety rules and regulations are put in place by the campground and BCFFC to ensure we all have the best vacation possible. Please obey the following rules.

  1. Use of illegal drugs is not permitted at camp and will result in your family being sent home. You will not be invited to return.
  2. Violence, aggressive behaviour, and use of profanity towards Peach Orchard Campground staff, BCFFC staff and/or visiting families is not permitted in camp and will result in your family being sent home. You will not be invited to return.
  3. Alcohol is permitted within individual campsites, with the expectation that adults manage themselves accordingly (no public intoxication).
  4. Parents are responsible for supervising their children at all times during non-program hours including all evening group activities.
  5. Children and adults are not permitted to use water guns or other water devices during evening group activities.
  6. Children and adults are not permitted to use gun type toys that shoot plastic pellets or any other projectile that may cause injury to persons, wildlife or litter the campground floor and lake.
  7. Be mindful of the vegetation in the campground. No cutting or using nails in the trees and/or shrubs as it causes damage.
  8. Children will be required to wear a lifejacket during program hours where their group is involved with water activities such as: tubing, canoe, kayak, swimming, or any other water activity as instructed by the group moniteur.
  9. No persons, adults or children, are allowed use of kayaks/canoes without the use of personal floatation devices. Reminders will be given at camp. Obvious disregard of this very important safety rule will result in your family being sent home. You will not be invited to return.
  10. All BCFFC water equipment must be returned to the Camp Manager by 9:00 p.m.
  11. Adults must take the canoe/kayak workshop if they wish to use BCFFC water craft during non-program hours. Camp children are not allowed to use kayaks or canoes unless accompanied by an adult that has taken the workshop. The only exception being teens that have taken Les Coureurs des Bois program provided said teens have permission from parents and the Camp Manager.
  12. No lifeguards are present at nearby swimming areas. An adult MUST accompany children under 12 at the beach and swimming areas. No glass bottles on the beach, and pick up your trash and cans.
  13. Bicycle helmets MUST be worn while in camp and on all out trips. Adults are expected to set good example in this regard.
  14. Bicycles and helmets used for Les Aventuriers and Coureurs des Bois programs MUST be in good working order. We strongly recommend that parents have bikes inspected by a bike shop before camp. If your equipment does not appear safe, you will need to rent equipment or miss out on scheduled out-trips.
  15. Dogs must be kept on leash for the safety and comfort of our camp families. Constant barking will not be tolerated.
  16. No dogs are allowed on the human beach, playground or public swimming areas.
  17. You must clean up after your dog. The dog beach is at the far end of Peach Orchard Beach Park. Problems associated with dog mess can result in dogs no longer being welcome at camp.
  18. Washrooms and showers are available. No dogs allowed in washrooms, no horseplay or smoking. Notify office immediately if emergency occurs.
  19. Speed limits of 10 km/h through the park are strictly enforced.
  20. Adults who smoke are expected to show respect for others in their vicinity and refrain from doing so at any and all group activities.
  21. Cigarettes must be carefully extinguished and it is advised that water be used to do so. The Okanagan experiences extremely dry conditions during the summer months and any spark can be dangerous. Cigarette butts must not be left on the campground floor even if they are safely extinguished.
  22. Quiet time is 11:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m., strictly enforced. No loud music, profanity, and respect your neighbours. Campground gates are closed to vehicles at 11:00 p.m., except in case of emergency.
  23. Campground check-in is preferably after 2:00 p.m., and check-out time is 11:00 a.m. with no exceptions. Please be sure to vacate your site on or before that time.
  24. Blue bins are supplied for all recyclables. Trash bins are for household garbage only (other trash must be taken with you i.e. broken floaties, chairs etc.).
  25. Boaters must obey signs posted at boat launch. Boats are not allowed in campsites and must be parked in designated areas only.
  26. No unlicensed motorbikes or ATVs are allowed in the campground.
  27. No campfires are permitted anywhere in the campground.

The rules above apply to all camp families and any guests that might be present during camp week. If your visitors disobey the rules, they will be asked to leave and their actions could result in your family losing the opportunity to return to camp.

Families are strongly advised to protect their personal property. BCFFC and Peach Orchard Campground have little control over the possibility that outside persons may enter the grounds undetected during the evening hours or during times where most camp families are involved in group events. Please do not leave valuables out in the open and consider securing or moving bicycles into a safe location on your site while you are occupied with other activities.

These and other camp safety rules will be provided to families upon arrival at camp. Please review with the members of your family.