Okanagan General Information

Please review the following important information items to better prepare your family for your exciting week at Just two blocks from Okanagan Lake, Peach Orchard Campground is located in scenic Summerland, BC.16 km north of Penticton and 45 km south of Kelowna.Peach Orchard Campground is a municipally owned facility, located within walking distance to beaches, spray park, kids swings and dog beach.

Peach Orchard Campground features 121 campsites, washrooms, coin-operated showers, coin-operated laundry, a convenience store, a tennis court, two pickleball courts, and swings. Although the park does not have sewer service at any of the campsites, Summerland has a Sani-dump located 3 km south of the campground as well as weekly sewer service every Wednesday starting in July.
(72 sites serviced with power and water, 49 campsites serviced with water.Peach Orchard Campround features plenty of grassy, shaded sites located near Aeneas Creek)camp. Life is pretty busy once you arrive at camp so if this will be your first year with us, we’re sure you’ll appreciate this opportunity to learn at your leisure.

T-Shirts & Extra T-Shirts

Each child that is registered in a program will receive a free camp t-shirt. If your family would like to order extra shirts for parents or other family members, please indicate the number and sizes on your application. Fees for additional shirts ordered will be included in your online application payment.

Campers tie-dye their shirts during the week and have them signed by the Moniteurs on the last evening of camp.

Family Sign

Family signs create a sense of community at camp and make it easier for your new friends and moniteurs to find you.

Please have your family decorate a wooden or cardboard sign with your family name. Be as creative as you like and bring it to camp with you to display at your campsite.


Your ‘quiet and friendly’ furry friend is permitted at camp provided it is on leash at all times and you must clean up after your pet at all times. There may be an extra charge for dogs.Your dog is welcome to swim at the dog beach, but NOT in the public beach area. Your care and attention is greatly appreciated.

Camp Canoes and Kayaks

We will offer a workshop for adults on the proper use and care of the canoes and kayaks. You must attend this workshop if you wish to use the canoes or kayaks during non-program hours. Camp children using the kayaks or canoes during non-program hours, must be accompanied by an adult who has taken the workshop. Teens that have taken our Les Coureuers des Bois program are permitted to use canoes or kayaks un-accompanied by an adult however they must obtain permission from parents and our Camp Manager. Water vessels must be returned by 9:00 p.m. ALL PERSONS MUST WEAR LIFEJACKETS IN THE KAYAKS AND CANOES AT ALL TIMES.

Communal Dessert

The dessert night on Sunday evening is probably the most popular event where each family brings a delicious dessert to share. Don’t forget your plate and fork!

Extra Costs

You will find there are some minor extra costs once at camp, including:

  • Flower Sticks and Swag items like BCFFC branded stickers, wine glasses, and coffee mugs when available
  • Photos of your child’s group: about $2.00 per photo

Invite a Moniteur to Eat

As this is how the Moniteurs get fed, we encourage you to bring along some extra food and invite your child’s Moniteur to share lunch or dinner with you. The sign-up sheet will be posted under the Coffee Tent on Saturday night. Sign up early so you don’t miss out and please remember to share the Moniteur with the other families. Please note that some Monituers will require a bag lunch on the days they are taking groups off-site. If you sign up for this important meal please have the lunch at the grassy field by 9:00 a.m. of the scheduled day.

Parent Meetings

At about 9:15 each morning, with the exception of Wednesday, parents meet at the Coffee Tent for a brief info session. The Program Director (aka Parents’ Moniteur), along with the Camp Manager, will fill the adults in on everything they need to know for the day. Bring your coffee and share in the fun.

Parent Game

Intended as an ‘ice-breaker’ to help parents get to know each other, each year the Program Director divides willing parents into groups and creates a fun parent game. The parent game is completely voluntary and includes various simple and creative tasks that may lead up to a parent skit performance. Parents should feel comfortable attending parent meetings even if this is not your forte. You are not required to take part in any games and may just prefer to watch and enjoy a few good laughs. The Parent Game will only take up a small part of the morning meeting following presentation of the other valuable camp info.

Parent Volunteers

We would love to tell parents that they will be spending all day lazing in the sun while they wait for their children to come home. Sounds great but this is a family camp run by families and as such parents are expected to donate some of their time assisting in various small but important duties. The Camp Manager will identify the areas where help is needed and a sample of some of the duties can be viewed on our volunteers page. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

If anyone is interested in leading fitness, dance, French conversation sessions or any other activity you think our parents might enjoy, see the Camp Managers.

Supervision of Children

It is extremely important that parents supervise their children at all times during non-program hours — this includes all group evening activities. In the case of O.P.C’s (Other People’s Children), nobody likes to interfere, however, we are all a family for the week and safety of all must be a high priority. If you see a child who is not your own, behaving in an unsafe manner to self or others, please alert the child’s parents or the Camp Manager. Please see our Safety and Rules page for important information and expectations.

Wine and Cheese for Parents and Moniteurs

After our Welcome Meeting on Saturday evening, come and enjoy some stimulating conversation between old friends, and meet new friends and the Moniteurs for this camp year. Bring your favourite bottle of wine to share as well as a cheese and cracker tray. Sorry but children must remain at your campsite during this event so do consider trading off with your partner or connecting with your new neighbours.

Tuesday Night Lullabies (The Momo’s sing lullabies to the kids just before they head to bed)

On Tuesday evening the Grassy Field is covered from end to end with tarps and children can experience the fun of sleeping out under the stars (weather permitting). Parents sign up as supervisors for shifts of a few hours throughout the night and will accompany your child safely back to your campsite if he/she decides not to stay till morning. It’s an exciting experience for them even if they only stay for a short time.


The Moniteurs will always assume that all children are non-swimmers, and will see that all children will be in life jackets while in water over their shoulders. Parents are responsible for children out of program hours. BCFFC rules require that all children under 12 years of age must be supervised by an adult while at the beach area. Please follow this rule and help keep our camp safe for everyone.

Additional campground rules and information will be provided on check-in day and available on the Parent Board under the Coffee Tent.