Les Aventuriers

For children who have completed either grade 7 or grade 8 before summer…

Les Aventuriers Program is a camper’s initiation to the Les Coureurs des Bois teen program. Designed as a blend of both on- and off-site adventure, Les Aventuriers is limited to children that have completed either grade 7 or grade 8 before summer. Activities vary with each camp but may involve hiking, biking, kayaking, artistic adventure and off-site sleep-outs. Extra gear is required for this program and example equipment lists can be viewed for Okanagan, Gwillim Lake and Vancouver Island. Participants will receive detailed information in May.

Important note on bikes: Bikes don’t need to be expensive, but should be mountain-bike style and MUST be in good repair. We strongly recommend bikes be inspected and certified “safe” by a cycle shop before camp. If the bikes are not in good working order, you will be advised to rent one if possible or not be allowed to go on this portion of the trip. Also, advanced training to ensure that your child can endure a 20-km ride up and down hilly roads is strongly recommended. There is no replacement for the self-esteem that can be gained when the children are able to keep up with their peers.