Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get information on BCFFC?

All information regarding the BCFFC is available on this website. Families are encouraged to check the site periodically for updates on our camps. If you have questions that still need answers, please feel free to contact the Coordinator or Registrar for the camp you wish to attend. Your camp neighbours will have also have lots of great information to share during your camp week. Updated camp dates, fees and other information for the coming year will be available on this website prior to the end of each calendar year.

Do we need to speak French at camp?

Parents do not need to speak French at camp but children are expected to speak French at all times during program hours. Moniteurs will remind children, but it is also helpful if parents can discuss this requirement before and during their camp week. As part of the BCFFC’s guiding philosophies, we want children to learn, practice, and use French in a fun-filled outdoor setting.

How many families and children come to BCFFC?

Each summer approximately 350 families and 700 children attend BCFFC camps around the province.

How can I help out?

Many hands make light work and this is certainly true at BCFFC. To insure a great holiday for all our camp families, it is essential and expected that parents/guardians volunteer during camp week.From field trip driving to picture taking, grocery shopping, recycling, sleep-out supervision… the possibilities are endless and assistance is required.Please attend the morning Parent Meetings and contact the Camp Manager in your week to find out where you will be needed most. A sample of different volunteer tasks required at camp can be viewed on our Volunteers page. Additionally, any requirements for committee volunteers to each of our camps or to our central committee will also appear on this page.

When can I apply?

Actual application start dates change slightly each year but usually begin in the third week of January.

How do I apply?

Families must fill out their applications online, then mail all fees and proof of CPF membership to the Registrar of the camp you wish to attend. To avoid delays in processing your application please be sure to write your Application Number on all cheques. Your personal Application Number will be given to you as the final step of the online application process as well as automatically sent to the email address recorded on your application.Important: Submission of your online application does not guarantee your placement in camp. You will be contacted by your Camp Registrar and informed of your status once payment has been received. Please allow 6 – 8 weeks for status notification.Spots in camp and program will not be reserved by phone or email under any circumstances. Apply early to avoid disappointment. Priority is determined according to the date that your payment and proof of CPF membership is received! Families should apply early, mail their payment and proof of CPF membership immediately and hope for the best. We would love to accommodate all applicants for camp but unfortunately, demand for program space exceeds availability.

Will my cheques be deposited as soon as the Registrar receives my payment envelope?

The Registrar will not forward your camp payments to the camp Treasurer until the Registrar has confirmed you have received a spot in camp and programs. Payment cheques from families that have not been successful in obtaining a spot in camp will be shredded unless a mail return is requested by the camp applicant.

Should I contact the Registrar to see if my envelope has arrived and if I have been accepted to camp?

The Registrar of the camp you have applied to will contact you once your application has been reached in the priority pile. You will be notified at that time whether you have been accepted, are on the wait list or if it does not appear chances are good for that camp year. This process can take up to 8 weeks so your patience is greatly appreciated during this busy time.

I applied ages ago and haven't heard anything yet. What should I do?

Sit tight. The camp Registar is working extremely hard to process all of the applications received and to fit as many children and families into camp as possible. This process can take up to 8 weeks so your patience is greatly appreciated during this busy time.

Can I bring an extra child to camp with our family?

Absolutely! Extra children are allowed to attend camp if there is available space in the programs. Of course, these children must also be currently enrolled in a French Immersion or Programme Cadre program. The extra child’s information should be added to YOUR online application along with your own children. You must then mail in the child’s program fees and CPF proof together with YOUR payment and CPF proof. To avoid delays in processing your family’s application, please be sure you record your Application Number on all cheques including any that may be from the additional child’s family.Important: As the host of a guest child, you will be responsible for bringing a Personal Health Form and Consent, Assumption of Risks, and Release Form, completed and signed by that child’s parents, to present to the Camp Registrar on arrival at camp. These forms are available on our downloads page under each camp area of this site.

Can my child be grouped with friends from home?

Your BCFFC Volunteer Committees make every effort to ensure every child has a fun and exciting time at camp. If we can and you have made note of buddies at the time of application, we will attempt to place children with a familiar buddy; however, this is often not possible. When creating groups, we consider the age/grade of the children as well as male/female ratios per group. We also strive to keep our groups on the smaller size. Please let your children know in advance that buddy request may not be possible.Often requests for a larger group to be together can pose challenges as well.
Example: Six friends would like to be in a group together but there is only room to allow four. Which two move to the next group?
Example: A group can only take 5 girls and 5 boys. A group of 4 girls or boys would like to be together. Would you want your child to be the 1 child that is not affiliated with “old” friends?Your week at camp is a wonderful opportunity for your children to make new friends. There will be many hours of free time to play with everyone.Groups are formed well in advance of camp start and will not be changed. If you have information you would like us to consider, please do so at the time of application.

Will I get the site, area, or services I wish?

While we do make every reasonable effort to fill the various requests of our camp families, we cannot guarantee that you will receive the services, area, or site of your preference. Site allocation will depend on the date your application payment is received by the Registrar, the limitations of the campground, and the speed in which each weeks programs fill. Camp families should be prepared to camp in any area of the campground.

Do I need to let the registrar know if I change the type of unit I originally said I would be camping in?

Yes please do contact your registrar. Though the campsites shown on our maps appear to be the same size, the maps are not to scale and also do not show obstacles such as trees which can affect which size of unit to be accommodated on a particular site. Trailers with slides or very large units will not fit into many sites at some camp locations.

Will I get a refund if I don't get the services I paid for?

If you do not receive PW/PWS services or beach area, and you wish a refund for additional monies paid, you must see the Treasurer on the scheduled date at camp. The camp Treasurer will visit the camp on one day only during your week at camp. Families will be informed at the morning Parent Meeting or may enquire with the Camp Manager as to which day this will happen.

What is the BCFFC cancellation policy?

Please note the BCFFC cancellation policy. The following policy applies to all applicants that have been confirmed to camp including confirmed applications for guest children. No cancellation administration fees are charged to families who are on a waitlist or do not have a confirmed spot in a BCFFC camp.

  • Cancellation from any BC Family French Camp location must be received in writing or e-mail by the registrar of the specific camp.
  • If you cancel prior to February 1, BCFFC will refund the full amount of your program and camping fees. BCFFC will securely destroy any cheques received from you.
  • If you cancel on or after February 1, BCFFC will refund the full amount of your program and camping fees, less a $50 administration fee.
  • If you cancel on or after March 1, BCFFC will refund the full amount of your program and camping fees, less a $100 administration fee.
  • If you cancel on or after May 1, no refund will be granted. If, prior to the start of your registered time at camp, you provide your camp registrar a written letter from a medical professional outlining a reason why your family cannot attend, BCFFC will refund the full amount of your program and camping fees, less a $100 administration fee. The final decision on refunds granted in these situations lies solely with the BC Family French Camp Society.
Are there caps on your various programs?

Yes, all programs have caps in place.

Do I need to order a T-shirt for my children in program?

Each child in program will receive a free camp T-shirt in the size you select on your application form. Parents may order additional shirts during application and the cost will be added to your camp payment totals.

What is CPF proof?

CPF is short for Canadian Parents for French. BCFFC is not run by CPF but they do provide us with funding and for that we require all campers to be members in good standing.You need to show proof of your existing CPF membership that expires September 1, 2017, or later. This can be either (1) a photocopy of your membership card or (2) a screenshot of your profile page on CPF National’s member data base:, download and complete a CPF membership form [PDF] and enclose this membership form along with a separate current dated cheque or money order payable to the Canadian Parents for French. Do not mail your membership form directly to Canadian Parents for French as this will delay your BCFFC application from being processed.

Will I get a receipt for my BCFFC fees?

No. Please keep your summary of application that will be emailed to you when you complete your application, along with your processed cheques or cheque images available from your bank or credit union if you require receipts.