French Camp is organized by families for families. This non-profit society was established by enthusiastic parents in 1983, and has been maintained by the energy of parent volunteers ever since.

Life at camp is very busy for both children and parents. BCFFC is a family camp run by parent volunteers and parents are required to donate some time during their camp week. During camp week, our hearty Camp Managers oversee the day-to-day operations and will need parent volunteers for an assortment of tasks, dependent on individual camp needs, such as:

  • providing meals for Moniteurs
  • taking group photos
  • morning coffee making
  • refundable sorting and return
  • tie-dye site supervision
  • sleep-out set-up/take down and supervision shifts
  • dessert night assistance
  • extra t-shirt sales
  • driving to and from off-site hikes
  • assisting Moniteurs with group water activities
  • assisting children during Momo Mania and Games Night
  • food shopping for teen groups
  • refilling soap dispensers

Most jobs are small but extremely necessary for smooth camp operation. Please attend the morning parent meetings and/or contact the Camp Manager to offer your assistance during your week at camp.

In addition to the above, please feel free to make note on your application if you would be interested in volunteering for Camp Manager, Hosting a Junior Counselor or if you have any skills or talents that you wish to share during your week at camp. Yoga, Salsa dancing, Hair Braiding, Tie-Dye expertise, First Aid — we always appreciate the opportunity for parent workshops.

Throughout the rest of the year, about two dozen people continue the volunteer work. The three Local Committees — comprised of co-ordinator, registrar, treasurer, purchaser and equipment manager — research programming possibilities, negotiate with the campground owners, handle registration, and do the bookkeeping. The Central Committee, which includes a facilitator, treasurer, secretary, and webmaster, takes care of bookkeeping and budgeting, grant applications, Moniteur hiring, camp promotion, website maintenance, registration system, and organization of activities common to all camps.

Volunteers Needed!

BCFFC depends on volunteers for our Local and Central Committees. Many volunteers have dedicated their time to the undeniable success of BCFFC over the years and the current host of volunteers is no exception. That being said, BCFFC is always looking for eager and enthusiastic parents that may be interested in our various positions.

If you think you may wish to be one of those future Committee members and would like to know more about any of the job requirements, please feel free to contact the Local Co-ordinators for our three camps or our BCFFC Secretary through the email addresses listed on the Contacts page or feel free to ask us questions at camp. Training is available for all positions.

BCFFC immediately requires volunteers. Many volunteers have dedicated their time to the undeniable success of BCFFC over the years and the current host of volunteers is no exception. That being said, the following positions are currently available and require interested applicants to step on board and help out:

Current Volunteer Positions Needed:

  • Central: Webmaster/ Web developer
  • Central: Treasurer
  • Central: Bookkeeper
  • Gwillim Lake: First Aid/Nurse
  • Gwillim Lake: Purchaser

Please contact the Central Coordinator (centralcoordinator@bcffc.com) for the details on these positions.

**Bilingualism, though an asset, is not a requirement of any of the above positions.

10 Great Reasons to Volunteer for BCFFC…

  • Give back to community
  • Meet new people
  • Teach your children about community
  • Make a difference
  • Gain a better understanding of people
  • Improve communication skills in two official language
  • Gain a new perspective
  • Learn more about another culture
  • Take action with something you believe in
  • Have a voice in how your Family French Camp is organized